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Digital Security For The New Entrepreneur

The pandemic fundamentally changed the working world forever. Not only are more employees working remotely, but more people are starting

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How South Africa’s Cloud Market is Finally Maturing

In 1999, CNN published an article with the headline: “Is the internet maturing?” The author referred to the first airline tickets being

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Phishing and Scams Rises in Kenya, Nigeria With a 438% and 174% Increase in the Number of Detections in Each Country Respectively in Q2 2022

Kaspersky analysis has revealed that attacks related to data loss threats (phishing and scams/social engineering) increased significantly in Africa in

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Biometric Authentication is no Longer a Business Enabler – it’s Now Crucial For Long-term Sustainability and Success

Even as we return to ‘normal’ working conditions, the adoption and growth of online services continue to surge, and the


Talabat Achieves Highest Level of PCI-DSS Certification for Transactional Security

talabat becomes the first and only food and q-commerce delivery platform in the MENA region to achieve the PCI-DSS certification

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Brands Beware: Protect Your Customers, or Risk Losing Them

New research has cast a spotlight on the role of brands in protecting their customers from cyber attacks. And with

Black Friday
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Deal or no Deal? Online Security Safety Tips For Black Friday

“Gucci bags 80% off!” screams the email that lands in your inbox on Black Friday. It seems like an impossibly

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How to Block Your Bank ATM Card

Today, let’s believe that nobody carries cash around. Besides the risk of being robbed, Nigeria is moving towards a cashless

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AURA’s Digital Marketplace Platform Geared to Drive Change in Access to South Africa’s Security and Medical Services

Platform technology has introduced something new and different to the market. In another wave of positive disruption, these platform-based businesses

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7 Popular Types of Computer Viruses You Should Know

Viruses affect the optimum functionality of your computer. They are threats that break the security of your system and allows