Gift Cards

You Can Now Buy Gift Cards in Nigeria

Finally, the popular digital asset arrives in the country. Amidst the current struggles and inconveniences of late, we as a

Apps Ecommerce Feature

AppsFlyer gives Insight into Global E-Commerce Trends for 2023

By Sue Azari – E-Commerce Lead at AppsFlyer It is no secret that over the past few years, the e-commerce

Skaffe Kredittkort

How to Skaffe Kredittkort

You need to know how to get a credit card. There are some steps you need to follow and some

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The Massive Rise of Cryptocurrency in Africa

Despite the bad market, crypto transactions in Africa are rising. Even as prices fall, the number of Africans utilising cryptocurrency

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How South Africa’s Cloud Market is Finally Maturing

In 1999, CNN published an article with the headline: “Is the internet maturing?” The author referred to the first airline tickets being

Corporate Banking
Banking Feature

4 Ways to Address Cultural Inertia During Your Corporate Banking Modernization

While a degree of cultural conservatism can be helpful for some banks and other financial institutions (FIs), it can be

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How To Sell To a Logical Customer

The assumption of business owners is to provide solutions that meet the needs of their customers, and as a result, raise the

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How To Choose An Ideal Price For Your Product

The price of a product determines what customer segment would make demands for them and determines its classification as a luxury good

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Rethinking Leadership in the post-COVID Era

Being a good boss is hard. In fact, a study by Gallup revealed that only 10 per cent of people

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Biometric Authentication is no Longer a Business Enabler – it’s Now Crucial For Long-term Sustainability and Success

Even as we return to ‘normal’ working conditions, the adoption and growth of online services continue to surge, and the