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Ensuring Food Security in South Africa Via Enhanced Cybersecurity for Farmers

Technology has improved productivity, efficiency, and communication in every industry across the globe, and agriculture is no exception. Once considered

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Buguard, an Egyptian Offensive Security Startup, Secures $500,000 Seed Round

Buguard, the Egyptian offensive security and dark web monitoring company, has announced that it has raised a $500,000 seed fundraise to

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Boosting Cybersecurity With Robust Digital Risk Assessment Tools

Cybersecurity, and the cyber insurance that provides cover against cyber attacks, can both be significantly boosted by building a strong

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37% of Users in Nigeria Lost Money From Incident Involving Digital Payment

According to the Kaspersky, Digital Payment survey, 37% of respondents from Nigeria experienced financial losses associated with threats when using

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Cybersecurity budgets: The Delicate Balance of Spending Money to Save Money

Allocating a sufficient budget to cyber threats can be a complex issue that requires the cooperation and coordination of all

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ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: What AI Means for Digital Security

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes a new reality for individuals and businesses, its potential impact on cybersecurity cannot be

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The Anatomy of a Scam: Psychological Tricks Payment Fraudsters Use to Get Their Way

The rise in finance and accounting cybercrime and scam through phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) has made headlines with massive implications

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Digital Security For The New Entrepreneur

The pandemic fundamentally changed the working world forever. Not only are more employees working remotely, but more people are starting

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Phishing and Scams Rises in Kenya, Nigeria With a 438% and 174% Increase in the Number of Detections in Each Country Respectively in Q2 2022

Kaspersky analysis has revealed that attacks related to data loss threats (phishing and scams/social engineering) increased significantly in Africa in

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Biometric Authentication is no Longer a Business Enabler – it’s Now Crucial For Long-term Sustainability and Success

Even as we return to ‘normal’ working conditions, the adoption and growth of online services continue to surge, and the