The Members of the European Parliament have voted for a law that will require all smartphone makers including Apple to use the same type of charging cable from 2024. There were 602 votes in favour and 13 against, with eight abstaining.

This means that Apple will now have to use a USB-C charger for its iPhone and iPad. The new law did not spare laptop manufacturers as they are expected to make the switch in 2026.

The deal, provisionally agreed in June between the commission and the European Union’s 27 countries, still needs to get the final sign-off from the EU member states. The rules are likely to be written into law at the beginning of 2023.

Alex Agius Saliba, the lead negotiator in the European Parliament, held up a pile of power adapters when debating the final proposal. “We are replacing this pile of chargers,” he said of the bundle, “with just this,” holding up a single USB-C cable. 

The proposal originally angered Apple, which said it would reduce innovation. But the company is currently testing future iPhone models that replace its proprietary Lightning charging port with standard USB-C connector. Current Apple laptops and iPad Pro models already use them, as do most popular Android smartphones.

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