For Nigerians who love to binge on YouTube especially at night, Airtel has a special plan for you.

You just need to activate it to start enjoying unlimited night streaming between the hours of 1 am and 5 am for a small fee.

The Airtel YouTube Night streaming has two plans (1) weekly and (2) monthly.

1.) Weekly: For unlimited YouTube videos all night for N150 valid for 7 days.

2.) Monthly: For unlimited YouTube Night streaming for N300 valid for 30 days.

Activating Airtel Youtube Weekly and Night Plan

To activate you need to dial the USSD code: 

  1. Weekly: *323*22#
  2. Monthly: Dial *323*21#
  3. Balance inquiry: *410#

You can now start enjoying the Airtel YouTube Night Plan which is ridiculously affordable.

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  • Adaeze chidinma, 01/29/2022 @ 8:40 am Reply

    How can I deactivate the airtel youtube night plan

    • Musa Suleiman, 01/29/2022 @ 12:17 pm Reply

      Hi Chidinma…Thanks for your message… Simply SMS STOP to 141. or SMS STOPAUTORENEW TO 440.

  • Derick, 02/09/2022 @ 1:34 am Reply

    My question is, doesn’t switch automatically, I bought the monthly. 10Gb and I have issues accessing YouTube.. Should I download the YouTube app in order to use it or I can view directly from the web browser ??

  • nosa austine, 03/09/2022 @ 10:44 pm Reply

    How can i use my YouTube night bonus on Airtel?

  • Aanu, 03/21/2022 @ 1:25 am Reply

    Airtel is denying me access to my YouTube night data. And I have almost 3 thousand plus data please what is going on?

    • elmechanic, 03/24/2022 @ 9:48 pm Reply

      I’m having the same problem pls somebody help bcs i’ve contacted the customer care but no solution plss help me out, i have more than 15gb youtube data

  • Awesome, 03/26/2022 @ 8:39 pm Reply

    I’m having same issues

  • Japheth Onyemaechi, 03/26/2022 @ 10:10 pm Reply

    Whenever I use YouTube at night it also takes out of the main data how do I make this stop

    • Vivian Chinmuanya, 04/10/2022 @ 2:25 am Reply

      AM having the same issue please have you find the solution

  • Taiwo, 03/29/2022 @ 8:34 am Reply

    Xame here whenever I use YouTube at night they do takes out of my main data
    Pls how do I stop that

  • Adeosun nafisat, 03/31/2022 @ 11:22 am Reply

    Same here too, I have not been able to access my YouTube night data.

  • Mary, 04/03/2022 @ 2:48 am Reply

    Why does it use my normal data when downloading a movie in YouTube and I have a lost of youtube night bundles

  • Wilfred, 04/04/2022 @ 9:39 am Reply

    Airtel is rubbish, you guys should better choose MTN, MTN YouTube night is superb.

  • favour, 04/12/2022 @ 9:45 pm Reply

    I don’t know how to use this youtube night ,anytime i try to use the bonus ,they will take data from the main bundle

  • Uche amarachi, 08/27/2022 @ 11:09 pm Reply

    Yes it’s true am starting to hate Airtel I prefer mtn

  • Akwaowo Akpan, 09/12/2022 @ 7:07 pm Reply

    Please Admin how can I borrow data on new Airtel Sim to use for YouTube

  • eunice, 10/17/2022 @ 9:28 pm Reply

    Airtel is not allowing me use my YouTube night nd it yet to expire

  • Saidu Magayaki, 03/13/2023 @ 11:59 pm Reply

    I would like to be enjoying my youtube night Data pls.

  • Saidu Magayaki, 03/14/2023 @ 12:02 am Reply

    Pls. I would like to be enjoying my youtube night Data.

  • Saidu Magayaki, 03/14/2023 @ 12:06 am Reply

    If the youtube night Data is true, I would want to be enjoying it pls.

  • Joe, 03/20/2024 @ 2:45 am Reply

    Airtel…. You guys keep sucking on my main data instead of my YouTube night buddle…. I didn’t wake up at 1 am to be played for a fool. If the YouTube night data doesn’t work, let me know

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