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Apply: #Data4COVID19Africa Challenge

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AFD in collaboration with Expertise France and The GovLab is seeking innovative proposals that can leverage data (Data4COVID19) in a collaborative and responsible method to offer practical intelligence for decision-makers in response to COVID-19 and any potential pandemic challenges across the African continent.

The practical insights will cover three areas of actions:


  • Providing support for post-pandemic recovery
  • Reducing unemployment related to the pandemic
  • Guaranteeing workers’ protection
  • Lending support to upskilling and education
  • Boosting business solvency

Public health

  • Monitoring the spread of disease
  • Disease treatment development
  • Identifying supply availability
  • Monitoring compliance on Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions


  • Tackling misinformation
  • Fostering accountability while protecting human rights
  • Understanding Public behavior and Perceptions

Eligibility for participation

  • Must be a legal entity or consortium falling within the limit of 3 legal persons per group
  • Own a bank account in the entity’s name
  • If it is a consortium, the lead partner must be based in one of the African Union countries
  • The consortium members must have registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of their base country
  • Must be responsible for the implementation of action as no intermediary or subcontracting is allowed
  • The average cumulative annual turnover of the lead partner in the last two years for which the accounts have been closed should triple the grant application

To verify the eligibility of applicants for the Data4COVID19 challenge, the programme will require supporting documents which are as follows:

  • The statutes or articles of association of each partner
  • Each member must provide an extract of registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS)
  • A document containing the name and role of the legal representative in the entity
  • A document ascribing the power of attorney by each member of the partnership to its lead partner


Winners will receive a contribution between 50-100K in funding.

How to Apply

Click here to apply as the application closes on February 5, 2021.

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