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Africa Health Holdings

Africa Health Holdings Closes $18m Series A Funding to Expand Telemedicine Services into Nigeria and Kenya

Africa Health Holdings, an African healthcare startup, has raised $18 million in a Series A round to expand its telemedicine services into Nigeria and Kenya.

The funding round was led by Asia Pacific Land/Natural World Limited with the participation of TRB Advisors, Breyer Capital, M3, Inc., Valiant Capital, Kepple Ventures and SUNU Capital.

The firm will use the new capital to expand its telemedicine service beyond Ghana, to countries like Nigeria and Kenya.

The firm has three brands in three different countries; the Meridian Health Group in Kenya, Rabito Clinic in Ghana, and Nigeria’s Care Point Hospitals, all operating 40 facilities.

The Meridian Health Group owns 16 hospitals in Kenya including a drug and alcohol recovery center. Rabito Clinic Limited in Ghana, has 21 dermatology and general medicine facilities, while Care Point Hospitals Limited has two hospitals and a clinic in Nigeria. Africa Health Holdings also operates pharmacies and laboratories across the three countries.

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“Africa Health Holdings will expand by bringing its telemedicine technology to multiple countries. Currently, the telemedicine service is only in Ghana, but soon, it will be expanding to Kenya and Nigeria,” said the company’s chairman and CEO, Sangu Delle

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