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Funmi Oyatogun, a travel influencer and the founder TVP Adventures has disclosed that she has been refunded her stolen money by Cowrywise, a startup that helps make saving and investing seamless.

Recall that Oyatogun recently called out Cowrywise for seemingly not refunding her stolen money which runs into a few million despite tracking down the culprits.

She said: “The biggest lesson I learned this year is that everybody treats you nicely because of what they get from you. For years, I was a happy customer and megaphone. Then my money gets stolen and *boom*, horrible treatment. Thanks, @cowrywise for this lesson. Painful but worth it.

“A few million Naira was stolen from my @cowrywise stash (if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone). Cowrywise has traced the origin of the theft and have the details of the thieves. I was also promised that I will get my money back. I have not gotten it back...

Responding, the fintech startup said that since it started business 3-years-ago, it has never experienced fraud on customer funds. It clarified that reports about stolen funds should be reported immediately. Unfortunately, they were notified about the issue two-weeks later.

Despite their less than satisfactory response and as expected of any serious business, they took action to ensure that the stolen money was refunded and eventually lay to rest an accusation that has (or almost) damaged the reputation of the startup.

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The ultimate goal of resolving this complaint was to make the customer happy and restore confidence which Cowrywise should have had at the back of their minds before allowing it to escalate. Well, the confirmation tweet by Funmi Oyatogun that she has received her money clearly showed that she was happy.

She said: Thank you @cowrywise for tracking down the thieves and recovering my stolen funds. I’m glad to be whole again after many months. I’m also thankful for the lessons and improvements that have come out of this. My confidence is restored in Cowrywise.

But, would Cowrywise have taken any action if Funmi did not complain about the stolen funds on social media? Well, thanks to social media for holding some companies accountable!

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