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Apply: Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21

The applications for online Seedstars World Competition for 2020/21 has opened.

The Seedstars team is looking for the most promising early-stage startups from 90+ emerging markets including Africa that will receive intensive training on how to be investment-ready.

They will take part in local, regional, and global stage competitions, but only one of them will be crowned as the Global Winner and receive a prize of up to USD 500,000 in equity investment.

Application Period

  1. Apply to the nearest local competition in the ecosystem where your startup has operations.
  2. The Seedstars team will evaluate all applications using a purpose-built algorithm – the Investment Readiness
  3. Score – to evaluate the viability of your startup.
  4. All applicants will receive their score and selection results by the end of August 2020.

Online Seedstars Academy

  1. Startups that meet all of the selection criteria will receive access Online Seedstars Academy in August
  2. Accepted startups will have 2 months to utilize a series of webinars, training materials, and articles created by the Seedstars Investment Team and network of mentors.
  3. Network with startups in your local ecosystem and exchange experiences with your peers.

Selection Process

  1. Seedstars Analysts will review all applications and select the finalists from each ecosystem.
  2. Startup finalists from each local competition will be invited for a 1-1 interview with the Seedstars team to showcase their MVP, user traction, and the scalability of their business model.
  3. One local winner will be selected to advance to the Regional Stage of the competition

Application Criteria

Selection criteria

  • Technology startups, tech-enabled startups and/or early-stage companies
  • Presence of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Initial traction with users
  • Operations based in the country/city of application
  • No previous investments larger than USD 1M


  • Pitch and application submitted in English
  • Obligatory attendance to the preparatory online activities of the competition
  • Maintenance of an active and responsive communication

Why Join?

Entrepreneurial Education
Take advantage of dedicated training based on your Investment Readiness Score to enhance all aspects of business growth and development.

Network & Visibility
Participate in networking activities & make your company known to a regional and global audience through competition communication channels.

Winners get Regional Stage access to Investment Readiness training, a network of mentors & investors, tech perks and remain in the running to win $500,000 USD!

Application closes July 31st

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