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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Latest Twitter Challenge-#Broomchallenge

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Over the years there have been all kinds of challenges that have trended on social media especially on Twitter.

From the #10YearChallenge to #BirdBoxChallenge and #IceBucketChallenge, Nigerians and global social media consumers have leveraged these challenges to tweet hilarious and outright funny replies.

The latest one trending now on Twitter is the #Broomchallenge.

What is #Broomchallenge?

#Broomchallenge is pictures and videos of brooms standing on their own without any support. The hashtag started trending on Twitter as users shared funny memes of the challenge.

How did the #Broomchallenge start?

According to reports, The emerged from a viral tweet that claimed NASA had said that Monday was the only day a broom could stand on its own because of the Earth’s gravitational pull.

There hasn’t been any evidence to support the claim that NASA made this announcement. The tweet was followed by a video of a woman trying to stand a broom without any support and her attempt was successful.

Some of the celebrities who have participated in the challenge include DJ Khaled,  Paula Abdul and Ray J.

Here are some hilarious and funny #Broomchallenge:

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Smh theory

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