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Getting hired in Nigeria is hard work due to the lack of jobs. Consequently, there has been an overwhelming chorus or outcry from Nigerians about the country’s unemployment challenges.

It is unappealing that as at the 4th quarter of 2018, over 90.5million Nigerians were unemployed.

This makes it even more important for government, graduate, stakeholders and students to understand the dynamics of Nigeria’s unemployment problem in order to nip it in the bud and get more Nigerians hired.

One way to fathom dearth of jobs is via the Job Search Survey conducted by MyJobMag, a leading Job and career portal in Nigeria.

Here are some of the outstanding takeaways from The Job Search Survey 2019.

Social media

The survey observed that a total of 74. 8% of employed Nigerians got their jobs online especially through social media- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. So many employees have testified to getting their job through social media platforms.

Out of the 74.8% of the people that got jobs, 36.50% secured employment via social media platforms, This means that social media is the next big thing when it comes to job search in Nigeria.  

social media job statistics

Social media platforms like LinkedIn will continue to play a very strategic role in the job search as more and more Nigeria understand how to leverage the platform to connect with HR and employers.


Looking at the recent job-search trend, it is quite obvious that networking is one of the fastest ways a job-seeker can sell themselves to prospective employers or brand. From the research, we discovered that employers will connect better with people that they have a relationship with.  With the coming of social media, networking has become a lot easier.

Networking Job stats

From the data above a total of 65.4% of employed people in Nigeria got their jobs through networking.  Attending networking events can lead to more opportunities for the average job seekers.

Getting qualified

From the survey, we discovered that the majority of Nigerians that are employed got their jobs because they were qualified. This means that acquiring in-demand skills or the right skill is a step ahead to landing your dream job in Nigeria. While a lot of people are still obsessed about god-fatherism, most people are beginning to realize that acquiring the right skills set can go a long way in helping them find a job.

Finding a job is hard work but it becomes harder if you do not know what others in the industry are doing to get ahead. Click here to read the full report of the survey.

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