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Google Map Stops Uber Integration With Little Explanation

Google has removed a feature that allows users to hail Uber rides from inside its Google Maps app. The page now simply states: “You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps. But you can still look up the route in the Maps app and then request the ride from the Uber app.”

It’s unclear exactly when the feature was disabled. According to reports, the feature was pulled for iOS last summer, but that it was still available on Android in February of this year.

Google introduced the feature in January 2017, integrating Uber into its Maps app, meaning users could request Uber rides without switching apps.

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Now, while Uber still appears under the “rides” option, you have to click through to the Uber app to access it.

It is not clear why Google and Uber which company took the decision to shut it down.

But it’s worth noting that Google’s parent company Alphabet invested $1 billion in rival ride-share company Lyft in October 2017.  Addressing the change, a Google spokesman suggested that user feedback was taken into account when deciding on the feature’s future.

“We’re always experimenting with new features for Google Maps. Based on feedback, we determine whether these changes roll out permanently,” he said.

Uber is yet to comment on the stoppage.

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WIth Uber announcing the integration on its blog last year, it is quite a surprise that the ride-hailing company is not saying anything about the removal of the support.

The impact of the removal is not known yet because many riders usually search Google map for direction and after they get their desired result, the option of booking a ride on Google map means there is no need to use the Uber app to book a ride. Regardless, the removal is definitely going to affect both tech giants.


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