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Farmcrowdy Gets Veterinary Health Certificate For Trade of Meat From LASG

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Farmcrowdy has been issued a Veterinary Health Certificate for Trade of Meat by the Lagos State Government. The Veterinary Health Certificate for Trade of Meat is a requirement for major food vendors to ensure that the animals slaughtered and sold for consumption are under hygienic conditions.

In view of this, all food vendors were required to submit a ‘Veterinary health certificate for the trade of meat’ to the inspecting veterinary personnel in the state Ministry of Agriculture.

This policy reform was necessitated due to reports about the terrible state of sanitary affairs in some abattoirs in the state, the Lagos state commissioner for Agriculture, Prince Gbolahan Lawal, disclosed in an issued statement.

“Veterinary divisional heads have also been mandated to identify meat vending outlets that are major distributors and retailers of meat within their respective divisions. They are to issue letters of a notice containing a moratorium on the need for them to change their meat supply protocol to reflect the new policy.

“We have mandated our veterinary officers to do a periodic and systematic inspection of these facilities within their jurisdictions. They must ensure that meat emanating from their divisions, which must come from mechanized facilities, are issued the veterinary health certificate for trade of meat,” he said.

In line with this new regulation, we are proud to let you know that we currently process and supply over 44 healthy cattle daily to several offtakers across Lagos and are proud holders of the Veterinary Health Certificate for Trade of Meat. This means that beef that comes from the meat production arm of Farmcrowdy has been processed under hygienic conditions, tested and marked safe for consumption.

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Three months ago, Farmcrowdy announced that Farmgate, Agricsquare, and Farmcrowdy have merged to become Farmcrowdy. This has enabled Farmcrowdy to feature all sponsorship options available from both Farmcrowdy (for production) and Farmgate (for processing and trading). Farm sponsors are now able to sponsor beef processing farms, yam trading units, as well as cattle farms and poultry farms among others.

This will enhance our mission of empowering farmers together through communal sponsorship and bring farmers closer to processors and off-takers by eliminating the layers of intermediaries.

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