Andela, the marketplace for technical talent, has announced the latest evolution of its AI-driven end-to-end platform, Andela Talent Cloud (ATC), that matches global technologists with companies seeking skilled talent.

The platform now features the ability to play back candidates’ technical coding tests, to improve hiring decisions by giving customers insights into the technologists’ coding strategies and problem-solving approaches in real time. This release leverages technology from Andela’s 2023 acquisition of the technical skills assessment platform, Qualified ®.

With the code playback feature, Andela is providing organizations with enhanced tooling to assess candidates’ skills and select top talent but also, as part of the overall evaluation process, to visualize how they apply their knowledge to solve coding challenges. 

With organizations facing a severe shortage of key talent and 90% of organizations saying they will have a meaningful skills gap in the coming years, then hiring for potential (rather than fit or experience) is crucial, according to McKinsey.

“Andela has some of the brightest tech talent from around the world. With the new code playback feature, talent has the unique opportunity to showcase their skills,” said Jake Hoffner, co-founder of Qualified, who now serves as Senior Director of Product Management at Andela.

“Technologists can set themselves apart by displaying their certifications and badges highlighting their skills and proficiency on their Andela Talent Cloud profiles. With the added benefit of the new code playback feature, technical hiring managers can see talent’s critical thinking process and unique approaches to problem-solving first-hand, gaining predictive insight into how talent will perform on the job and eliminating the extra step of coding interviews to gain these insights.”

“It’s so important for companies to bring on the right people with the right skills at the right time to achieve results.” said Courtney Machi, Andela’s Vice President of Product.”We believe that giving hiring managers full transparency and rich data that they can use to make critical recruiting decisions is the best way for everyone involved to achieve the outcomes we all want – successful projects, happy teams, and business results.”

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