Whogohost, an African digital infrastructure has announced that it has rebranded to GO54, a new vibrant brand representing the company’s evolution from purely domains and hosting to a one-stop shop for the digital needs of small businesses.

The new name leverages the ‘GO’ in its former name Whogohost, the driving force as businesses go online, with ‘54’ highlighting its near-term ambitions to expand across the continent.

With the recent rebrand, the company is re-entering the market with a new product suite of offerings like an AI-powered website builder (generates websites in 10 seconds!), email marketing, bulk SMS, link-in-bio products, payment links for easy payments and so much more.

WhoGoHost Acquires Cloud-based Communication Startup, SendChamp, to Deepen Value Offering (techawkng.com)

“Today marks a milestone in our evolution into a dedicated business partner for businesses online. Our mission is crystal clear: empower individuals and businesses to thrive. We achieve this by leveraging the power of the digital age,” says Toluwani Adejuyigbe, CEO of GO54.

“We understand the importance of the online world, and we’re here to be a trusted partner every step of the way.”

“We’re not just changing our name,” says Toluwani Adejuyigbe. “We’re enabling online presence in an easy, simple and affordable way and redefining what it means to succeed online. GO54 is a launchpad to the future, built with the innovation, security, and support every individual and business needs to achieve its dreams.”

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