TUNL, a South African parcel shipping platform, has secured $1 million in pre-seed funding from investors including Founders Factory Africa, Digital Africa Ventures, E4E Africa, and Jozi Angels.

Founded in 2022 by Matthew Davey and Craig Lowman, TUNL specializes in establishing and optimizing export-related supply chain frameworks between Africa and the mainland United States.

During checkout, businesses on the TUNL platform provide customers with many shipping alternatives. This includes an “economy” option where the product price includes the shipping cost.

To provide flexibility and increase conversion rates, buyers can upgrade to expedited delivery alternatives (within a week) using FedEx or UPS for a more affordable price, like $10 for the same bag.

With the new funding, TUNL, will focus on improving sales and the onboarding process for new merchants. Notably, it has streamlined the onboarding experience, primarily relying on customer support assistance to a more self-service approach.

Commenting COO Craig Lowman said: “Our pricing is completely transparent and democratized. We want to ensure that every business, large or small, can have an equal chance to convert overseas sales by reducing the cost of shipping as much as possible.”

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