AppsFlyer, the marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics, has announced its acquisition of oolo, an AI-powered user acquisition and monetization decision-making platform.

The acquisition strengthens AppsFlyer’s portfolio of products and services as the company introduces holistic solutions crafted for the interconnected needs of modern marketing, growth and monetization teams, and will see oolo operate as “oolo by AppsFlyer.”

AppsFlyer’s acquisition of oolo is part of the company’s continuing mission to empower brands with the most comprehensive decision-making platform in the constantly evolving digital ecosystem. As marketing, growth and monetization teams expand their responsibilities and strategies for acquiring, engaging, and monetizing customers, the need for informed decisions made in real-time, at scale, significantly increases.

Responding to these challenges, oolo harnesses AI’s full capabilities to enhance growth strategies – from full-funnel acquisition, monetization, and retention – providing immediate actionable insights and time-sensitive alerts to optimise return on ad spend (ROAS), media revenue, and retention. By continuously monitoring entire datasets, the crucial insights and predictions delivered by oolo’s powerful AI would otherwise remain hidden or require weeks of work by teams of data analysts to uncover.

Now part of AppsFlyer, oolo will also be integrated into AppsFlyer’s growing Privacy Cloud Marketplace, pioneering how AI products can address the primary issue of signal loss and utilise the data within customers’ Data Clean Rooms to deliver additional value through data collaboration with a privacy-by-design approach. 

“Adapting to the ever-changing digital ecosystem requires innovative solutions that can offer privacy-centric, actionable insights for optimal decision-making,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder at AppsFlyer. “oolo’s unique technology, team and expertise will play a key role in our continual pursuit to build a holistic platform that accommodates the shifting expectations, roles and challenges of modern marketing teams.

The combination of oolo’s innovative technology with AppsFlyer’s industry-leading measurement platform offers brands new opportunities to harness AI’s full capabilities to optimise their growth and monetization strategies. We believe the future of data-driven decisions is in smart AI rather than the static tools which are common today, and oolo’s cutting-edge AI technology enables us to better serve the increasing demands of our customers and meet their evolving needs.”

AppsFlyer’s strategic move with the acquisition of oolo aligns with the increasing integration of AI technologies in diverse markets worldwide, particularly in regions like Africa, where AI adoption is gaining momentum.

According to a recent report from Policy Center, AI tech is growing across Africa, with over 2,400 companies specialising in AI, 41% of which are startups, and estimates indicate that the technology could contribute $1.2 billion to the continent’s GDP by 2030. With the African continent experiencing rapid digital transformation, businesses are seeking innovative AI-driven solutions to optimize decision-making and drive growth. 

AI’s role in Africa’s business landscape presents immense opportunities for AppsFlyer. Leveraging oolo’s advanced AI-powered capabilities, AppsFlyer aims to assist businesses across Africa in navigating the complexities of marketing, growth, and monetization strategies. By tapping into the power of AI, AppsFlyer can offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within the African market, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions, maximise ROI, and unlock their full growth potential.

“We are thrilled to announce oolo’s strategic acquisition, bringing cutting-edge AI tools to the African region. Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions in the global app market, presenting a huge opportunity for marketers and developers alike. This move is poised to revolutionise operations, allowing marketers to efficiently manage their time and concentrate on previously challenging tasks. The impact extends beyond operational enhancements, fostering innovation and growth. With a significant increase in ROI expected, we are committed to driving positive change and economic growth in the region through the deployment of advanced AI solutions” says Michael Zaitsev, Managing Director for Africa & CIS at AppsFlyer.

oolo delivers a constantly updated alert system that makes it easy to detect anomalies, identify immediate growth opportunities, and prevent and correct inefficiencies that help solve the daily optimization challenges growth marketers face. By using data from marketing campaigns to train itself to understand what’s normal and what’s not, oolo surfaces and prioritises the most urgent, important and granular insights so marketing, growth and monetization teams can gain a competitive advantage and achieve better results with less effort. 

“It’s an exciting time for us at oolo,” said Yuval Brener, CEO of oolo. “This acquisition is set to blaze a trail in the data analytics space as we join forces with AppsFlyer to provide state-of-the-art data monitoring technologies for brands around the world. With AppsFlyer’s proven track record, large client base, and privacy-preserving architecture, our customers will benefit from an integrated approach to growth decision-making unlike anything seen before.”

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