Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and Startup Studio are on the hunt for dynamic startups and entrepreneurs from the African diaspora. If you have an innovative solution or idea that aligns with the sectors of Sustainability, Innovation and Creative and disruptive Industries, or Climate Change in Africa, Join us on the “Road to Marrakech – Diaspora Entrepreneurship Program“!

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Expert mentorship from industry leaders
  • 14-16 week tailored program
  • Funding opportunities to grow your startup
  • Access to our cutting-edge FabLabs and TechLabs to bring your ideas to life as prototypes
  • Agafay Learning Expedition: An exquisite experience for showcasing your accomplishments and gaining recognition, all within the prestigious backdrop of our event in Marrakech. Time is of the essence!

Eligibility Criteria

Belonging to the African diaspora: The startup must be founded or co-founded by entrepreneurs of African origin.

Startup Business Sector: Your project needs to align with one or more of the following categories:


2-Innovation, creative and disruptive industries

3-Climate change, and its impact in Africa.

Startup Maturity Stage: An epic journey for each stage: from the sparkling idea to the triumphant launch, through rapid growth and legendary expansion! All ideas, prototypes, MVPs, and projects are welcome. 

Impact on Morocco and the African Continent: The project you propose must aim to have a significant impact on Morocco or the African continent. We are seeking ideas that will make a substantial difference in the communities they serve, contribute to the improvement of people’s lives, and lead to sustainable growth and development.

The clock is ticking! Ensure you seize this golden opportunity by applying before September 20th, 2023. No need to stress! UM6P got you covered when it comes to expenses – including travel, accommodations and flights. 

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