Apple has launched its latest iPhone 15 range with a USB-C charging port abandoning its customised lightning standard cable to comply with EU rules.

The last time the tech giant used the USB-C charging port was in 2012 on its flagship device.

The switch had been expected since last year when the European Union ordered that all portable electronic devices have a universal connector by the end of 2024 to reduce e-waste and simplify life for consumers.

Apple had opposed the requirement but confirmed that it would have to follow it – and confirmed the change at its iPhone unveiling event on Tuesday.

Apple’s Kaiann Drance said the company was bringing USB-C to iPhone 15 because it “has become a universally accepted standard”.

The iPhone 15 range mirrors that of the 14, with a standard 6.1″ model (£799); a 6.7″ plus version (£899); and more powerful pro incarnations with the same screen sizes (£999 and £1,199).

All four will have USB-C connectors when they are released on 22 September.

It brings the iPhone in line not just with other Apple products like the latest Macs and iPads, but with rival Android smartphones and tablets; cameras and laptops; e-readers like Kindle; and game consoles like Nintendo Switch.

Apple also used the event at its California headquarters to reveal the iPhone’s standard wired earphones and the charging case for its AirPods Pro earbuds would adopt USB-C.

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