Renting IBC totes has become rather common in recent years and has the potential to solve many problems for your company.

Whether your company is running on a tight budget, simply cannot handle high volume special orders or does not constantly require access to IBC totes, renting is always a streamlined and affordable option.

The great thing about renting is that you can receive your IBC totes in just a few days. For time sensitive production, the process of renting is painless, quick, and doesn’t require many weeks of waiting as is usually the case when buying the same containers.

Furthermore, buying IBC totes requires a massive capital investment for your company, although you can consider reconditioned IBC totes for sale.

Unless you envision yourself using totes for every step of the production process for many years to come, it simply makes sense to rent. Let us further explore the advantages of renting IBC totes below:

Invest Less

IBC tote rental services typically don’t require a downpayment and charge a low monthly fee. For companies struggling to make ends meet, it can help reduce operational costs. The money also not spent on outright tote purchases can be easily invested back into the company.

Renting also allows newer companies that are just starting out to employ the use of IBC totes immediately without having to wait for room in their budget.

Save Warehouse Space

IBC totes take up quite a bit of space when they are not in use. This is valuable real estate your warehouse is sacrificing when the totes have to be stored. With IBC tote rentals, you only need to house the totes when you need them and simply send them back when you don’t.

Access High-Quality Totes

The problem with outright purchasing stainless-steel IBC totes is that the model you own will become obsolete someday. This will require you to make a costly upgrade for your company you may not have budgeted for. With an IBC rental service, however, you enjoy access to the latest IBC totes manufactured with the latest technology and high-quality materials.

Increase Company Efficiency

If you rent IBC totes, your overhead costs will actually reduce over time, and your upfront costs will be miniscule in comparison. Since your employees will be capable of performing tasks more efficiently, this will translate to a higher rate of productivity.

Save Money on Taxes

Did you know that it’s also possible to save money on taxes with rented IBC totes. If you buy them outright, you will need to factor in that they will experience a gradual reduction in value as an asset. However, since the totes are a business expense and were never actually yours in the first place, you end up saving a lot of money.

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