DLM Asset Management, a subsidiary of DLM Capital Group, has launched a fixed income fund to increase financial inclusion and encourage investment among the general public.

This is part of its commitment to deepening the market and providing investors with access to a diverse range of investment products and asset classes, even as investors take a strategic position in meeting their mid- and long-term objectives.

The DLM Fixed Income fund is an SEC-registered mutual fund that invests in fixed-income assets. A minimum of N10,000 can be invested, and investors can top up their investments with a minimum of N10,000 as well. Furthermore, withdrawals made after the first month are exempt from penalty fees.

Speaking about the DLM Fixed Income Fund, George Aniegbunem, the Head of DLM Asset Management stated that, ‘the DLM Fixed Income fund is targeted at the retail, high net worth individuals, diaspora investors, and institutional investors seeking medium to long term investment opportunities.’ He went on to say that the fund is designed to help investors achieve their capital growth and preservation objectives over time. In terms of returns on investment (ROI), he confirmed that the fund currently has a yield of 15%, which has been a huge attraction for investors.

The firm is pleased that this investment opportunity will help investors meet their goals during this “ember” period, even as they plan for the coming year.

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