Netflix is celebrating storytelling in Africa in commemoration of Africa Day 2022 in May. As part of plans for the day, Netflix will spotlight African stories and storytellers through a new collection titled ‘From Cape to Cairo’.

Africa is endowed in so many unique ways from being the world’s hottest continent to being home to more than 1.2 billion people spread over 54 countries who speak more than 2,000 different languages. 

With this rich cultural heritage, there’s a multitude of stories to be told from, and about, the continent and its people. That’s why in May, Netflix is celebrating these stories and storytellers in anticipation of Africa Day on 25 May

This year, the African Union has deemed 2022 “the year of nutrition” and in that spirit, Netflix is bringing our members stories from North, East, West, Central, and Southern Africa to feast on. This collection includes rows like ‘Our Music, Our Culture, Our History;’ ‘Award-Winners & Critics’ Favourites;’ ‘African Women Behind the Camera;’ ‘Love Across the Continent;’ ‘Stories From The African Diaspora;’ and more recommendations to help you find your next favourite African series, film or special.

The ‘From Cape to Cairo’ collection will feature Netflix’s latest African series, Blood Sisters (Nigeria) and Savage Beauty (South Africa) — both launching in May — and many other stories that showcase the continent’s creativity and talent. The wide variety featured includes the recently-launched African films Silverton Siege and Man of God  to the South African true-crime docuseries Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star,  the much-loved reality series Young Famous & African plus Netflix series including Finding Ola, Paranormal and Secrets of The Saqqara Tomb from Egypt to Queen Sono,Blood & Water, JIVA!;, How To Ruin Christmas and Kings of Joburg from South Africa plus King of Boys: Return Of The King from Nigeria. “ We also have major international films and series featuring talent of African descent from the African diaspora including Meet the Adebanjos, African Doctor, Shine Your Eyes, Dọlápọ̀ is Fine, Yasuke and more,” Netflix noted.

To further celebrate African talent across the continent, Netflix is launching a new podcast entitled Never Late | African Time, featuring Netflix’s on-screen and behind-the-screen talent like Nox Dlamini (actress – Silverton Siege), Jayan Moodley (director – Tripping with the Kandasamys), Retti Ramaphakela (producer/director – How to Ruin Christmas), Jesse Suntele (actor – Savage Beauty), Daniel Effiong (actor – Blood Sisters), Nancy Isime (actress – Blood Sisters), Ini Dima Okojie (actress – Blood Sisters), and Kemi Adetiba (director – King Of Boys) as they share their experiences around diversity and inclusion in the creative industry. The podcast launches on the 4th of May on our AfricaOnNetflix YouTube channel as well as Apple iTunes and Spotify podcasts globally.

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