Xpovi, an Egyptian robo-advisory startup, has closed a $300,000 pre-seed round to scale-up its autonomous financial and business planning services. The round was led by StrategicAngel Investors.

Founded in May 2021 by Mostafa Hisham, Mohamed Marei and Taher Seif, Xpovi is a web-based Robotic Advisory Software enabling early-stage startups to tailor their Financial Models and Business Plans through an easy-to-answer questionnaire. Xpovi capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide data sorting automation and models building.

Commenting on the funding round, Mohamed Marei, Xpovi’s CEO said: “We are grateful for our Investors’ early-on belief in Xpovi’s vision and founding team, and the support we received while venturing into a greenfield. The pre-seed round has enabled us to grow our team and launch the first Automated Business Planning web application.

“Over the upcoming few months, we plan to upscaleXpovi’s data-automation, artificial intelligence, and user experience. In preparation to offer our services to micro, small and medium enterprises operating in Egypt in a feasible and time-efficient manner.

“In today’s fast-paced world, and the empirical growth in the technology acceptance model. We seek to revolutionize financial and business advisory, to enable planning, monitoring, and decision-making supported by instant-based analysis and data-driven recommendations”.

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