TeamApt, a Nigerian fintech startup, applications for its 2022 Women in Tech internship program tagged ‘The Apt 5’.

This year, Team Apt is partnering with Ingressive for Good community to ensure access to the opportunity for as many women as possible.

The Women in Tech paid internship program is in alignment with TeamApt’s mission to provide financial happiness for all by offering the tools they need to succeed.

In line with their mission to increase the earning power of African youths through tech training and the power of work, Ingressive for Good has built a community of over 100,000 individuals, training 80,000 and driving women-focused tech training for African youths. Their strong foundation in the African tech ecosystem is what made the partnership for this internship program possible.

“We are committed to building the tech talent pipeline across Africa and have partnered with a number of universities to facilitate this, but it’s not lost on us that the tech industry is still vastly male-dominated. This programme ensures that more women have access to the kind of opportunities that can fast-track their careers in technology. Some interns from the last cohort are already full-time engineers with the organisation now and that’s the exact pace of growth this enables.” said Edidiong Uwemakpan, Director of Brand and Corporate Communications at TeamApt.

As of 2019, according to UNDP, women only occupied 28% of tech roles in Sub Saharan Africa. Today, that number has increased to 30%-31% because of the effort of tech companies like TeamApt placing people.

Uwemakpan adds: “Training and mentorship is great but we need more tech companies to boldly help women kickstart their tech careers by giving them a chance to build the experience based on their learning.

“Beyond panels, and words, bold and direct action like this one, makes a lot of difference. We have had women’s lives change forever just because they landed one internship.”

“A woman in our community now earns 10x what she used to earn last year because of a tech internship that skyrocketed her tech career, landing her a full-time role. So, if you know a woman who will benefit from this, tell them about it. We are indeed proud to be a catalyst for such a great initiative” Blessing Abeng, Cofounder of Ingressive for Good remarked.

Women are encouraged to visit the TeamApt career page to apply till Tuesday, 22nd March 2021. Based on their performance, they may be offered full employment within the organisation.

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