Zwarttech, the Netherlands-based tech startup that bridges the opportunity gap by connecting the top 1% senior IT Experts from Africa with businesses in the West on a full or hybrid remote basis, has today announced that it is changing its name to Zarttech to strengthen its service offerings and consolidate its market position. 

Founded in 2020 by Nelson T. Ajulo, the objective of Zwarttech is to spread economic opportunities to Africa from the West to the large numbers of senior IT talents in Africa so they can access high paying jobs from the comfort of their home. 

This innovative approach has ensured that senior software experts do not need to move away from their loved ones, thus discouraging Africa brian drain while economically contributing to the Western economies, since the African resource is a perfect solution to the scarcity of senior Tech resources that the west is facing.

Since its launch, Zwartech has amassed over 800 vetted senior software developers from 15  African countries with the most robust IT pool from Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa. Zwarttech has over 100,000 portfolios of senior IT experts, has more than 22 partners, including Invest Africa, The Hague Security Data (HSD), Google, StartupGrind and EU-Startups among others. In addition to this, the startup has worked with happy clients from Europe, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, India, and the United States.

With the vision, objectives and mission remaining the same, Zarttech aims to expand the unprecedented achievements of Zwarttech by getting the backing of big Non-Governmental Organisations, working with CSR departments and attracting more clients from across Europe, the US, the UK and other parts of the world without any bias.

Commenting on the name change, the founder of Zarttech, Nelson T. Ajulo, said, “I started Zwarttech to bridge the inequality gap I see growing up in our worlds, one where there is abundance and one where people struggle for their daily needs. So bridging inequality was more about equity for us, boosting the weakest among us to have access to basic daily necessities, giving voice to those who are not heard and creating a platform that can connect the underutilised human resources and talents around the world.

“The thinking behind this is that if Zwarttech is successful, we can bring about positive reinforcement through identifying success, technology, innovation, globalisation, entrepreneurship, and positivity to the world. But our society is not ready, so we are changing our name from Zwarttech to Zarttech. We strongly believe that with Zarttech, we can start this vital conversation with this society and win their backing. This will eventually enable us to achieve our big mission to change the world, adding more positivity and possibilities while creating a new economy.”

Ajulo adds: “We are excited to continue our journey of bridging the opportunity gap with Zarttech, by connecting the top  1% of senior IT Experts from Africa with businesses in the West and upskilling underserved communities in the Netherlands, Nicaragua and several African countries (Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco) for free.”

Ajulo concludes that the name change also affects other Zarttech social solution projects, including Zart Talent Foundation (made up of Zart Academy, Zart Recruit and Zart Hub) and ZartCyber.

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