Smile Identity, the provider of ID verification, document verification, and digital KYC compliance solutions in Africa, has expanded to Uganda. The startup which recently raised a $7 million investment is now present in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Senegal.

This addition brings the total number of unique identities covered by Smile Identity across Africa to over 300 million. The startup now has the widest coverage of unique identities across Africa.

Starting immediately, all verified startup’s partners will be able to onboard users in Uganda using the Uganda National ID. There are 17 million unique identities in the NIRA Uganda database. For Smile ID partners, this means 17 million potential customers who can be onboarded in only a matter of seconds.

“Your existing Smile Identity integration means you already support Uganda. All you need to do is specify it in the ID type field,” says Cameron Gray, VP of Product and Engineering.

Founded in 2017 by Mark Straub and William Bares, the startup believes anyone should be able to prove their identity easily, anywhere in the world. They have built encryption, authentication, and security solutions and have developed image processing technology from the chip level up.

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