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Federal Government to Lift Ban on Twitter Soon

The Federal Government has disclosed it would soon lift its ban on Twitter two months after it blocked the social network for deleting Buhari’s tweet.

The information minister Lai Mohammed made this announcement at a recent press conference where he said that an “amicable resolution is very much in sight,” but did not specify how soon the ban could be lifted.

Sarah Hart, a Twitter spokesperson, said the company had recently met with the Nigerian government to discuss the ban.

“Our aim is to chart a path forward to the restoration of Twitter for everyone in Nigeria,” Hart said in an emailed statement.

“We look forward to ongoing discussions with the Nigerian government and seeing the service restored very soon.”

Nigeria suspended Twitter’s operation on June 4 after the social media network deleted a post by lBuhari in which he threatened to treat separatists “in the language they will understand.”

Nigerian officials, though, have denied that the ban was in retaliation for deleting the president’s tweet.

Many Nigerians defied the ban and continued to access the social network with the aid of virtual private network.

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