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SonoCare Launches its Telehealth Mobile App to Enable Nigerians Access Quality Healthcare

SonoCare Healthcare Inc., a Nigerian healthtech company, has today announced the launch of its Telehealth Mobile Application to enable underserved communities to access quality, inclusive and affordable healthcare. 

Available to users through both Google Play and Apple Store, this one-stop shop mobile application provides end-to-end services to the patients.

This includes virtual consultations with doctors and nurses, delivering medications to the doorstep, scheduling in-home lab testing and facilitating collection of laboratory samples from anywhere for diagnostics tests as well as instant access to ambulance emergency response. 

Leveraging technology to transform healthcare delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

The Telehealth Mobile Application is embedded with multiple features that allow users to connect with the right doctor in real-time and get diagnosed safely without leaving their homes and thereby facilitating social distancing.

With hundreds of accredited doctors and nurses registered on the platform, the application helps patients find the appropriate care instantly without any waiting period. Consultations can be carried out online using the internet as well as offline from the phone via video and audio calls. In addition, patients can order their prescribed medication and get it delivered directly to their desired location without any hassle. 

Taking on an inclusive and holistic approach to transforming healthcare, the application also focuses on improving maternal health outcomes by enabling patients to connect with nurses and midwives and receive nursing care at home. Further, scheduling referral appointments for secondary medical care and connecting patients to ambulances in the event of emergencies is another feature patients can avail of through the SonoCare mobile application.

Besides leveraging its current partnerships with leading healthcare providers, health management organizations (HMOs), NGOs and health systems, SonoCare has also partnered with pharmacies and delivery riders to advance service delivery at scale. 

SonoCare was created with the objective that healthcare should be for everyone. To accomplish this goal, patients can choose flexible, highly subsidized monthly health plans for individuals and families, or patients can opt to pay only for the used services. The pricing process is incredibly transparent and upfront to ensure no hidden charges in the bill. The application is user-friendly with an excellent and easy to navigate interface. 

Dr. Moses Enokela, Founder/Chief Executive, SonoCare underscoring the need for leveraging technology to deliver healthcare said, “Virtual health care is one of the fastest-growing verticals in the health industry, and due to the current circumstances of the world, it’s gaining skyrocketing popularity. The convenience and effectiveness of real-time remote health will compel patients to continue this trend even after the pandemic situation gets better.

“At SonoCare Healthcare Inc., we believe that online health care service is the current and future of healthcare, and shortly, 60% of the services will be provided online and not in a physical setting. SonoCare, with its futuristic approach, is making this a reality today.”