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Bundle Launches Native token, BXD, to Grow its Platform

Bundle, a social payment platform, has launched its native token BXD, on the Binance Smart Chain. The BXD token is part of Bundle’s plan to encourage holders to actively participate on its platform and help grow the platform.

Being a governance token, holders of BXD will have the right to vote for features they want to see on Bundle. In addition to voting rights, Bundle is using the BXD token as a means of sharing ownership with users.

The token currently has no value. However, being a deflationary token that will be capped out at 2.1 billion BXD, it could enjoy steady growth in value. The token will also be tradable with the ability to be converted into fiat currency.

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The launch of BXD follows that of Quidax which recently unveiled its own token QDX. Quidax raised over 7,772 BNB ($3 million) from the public sale of QDX.

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