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Meet MSMEs Selected For MTN’s Accelerator Programme, Y’ello 200

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In the past five years, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria, have contributed an estimated 48% to the National GDP. In addition, SMEs  account for 96% of the total number of businesses and employ 84% of the local workforce in Nigeria (NBS 2017).

For this segment and indeed the Nigerian economy as a whole, the effect of the global pandemic and the accompanied lockdown has resulted in an unprecedented economic tailspin, which has further affected businesses, consumer spending, jobs and livelihoods.

With this in mind, MTN initiated The Revv Programme, an initiative aimed at addressing the critical needs of MSMEs. After a series of 11 impactful masterclasses facilitated by industry experts across major sectors, 200 MSMEs have been selected to be a part of MTN’s accelerator programme, Y’ello 200.

The Y’ello 200 consists of micro, small and medium-sized businesses cut across different sectors all over the country. The Y’ello 200 will enjoy exclusive access to a broad range of technology and productivity tools and services absolutely free, for a period of six months. They will also be supported with access to market and advisory initiatives.

At the moment, they are enrolled in a digital marketing training by MTN in partnership with Facebook for a 6-week duration.

Meet the Y’ello 200:

  1. Izegbua Izevbaye: Izegbua is the Chief Executive Officer of Emadini Nigeria, based in Lagos. Emadini Nigeria is a food processing startup into the production of powdered staple food products. Emadini Nigeria produces powdery-food products like beans flour and cornflour.
  2. Funke Oluwatimiro: Funke owns Funaden ventures in Lagos. Funaden is a food processing and packaging company, specialized in packaging indigenous food items making them affordable and accessible for local and international markets. Funke and her team help to provide healthy foods for customers.
  3. Daniel Ikwong: Daniel owns Future IDEAS, a community in Lagos that nurtures bright ideas, impart knowledge to young entrepreneurs. Future IDEAS is a smart startup into the cultivation of cocoa and banana plantations. Daniel and his team seek to connect local farmers to customers in the city centre.
  4. Abiola Lawal: Abiola owns Halibee Couture, a fashion outfit in Lagos that provides clothing for women and children. They are committed to helping women boost self-confidence and a positive body image through innovative fashion designs. Abiola and her team are working on launching a ready-to-wear line soon.
  5. Uloma Otika: Uloma is the CEO of Honey House Confectionary, a baking company in Lagos. Honey House confectionary is the one-stop-shop for cake and pastry needs. Uloma and her team produce the tastiest pastries and finger foods for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, as well as for general consumption.
  6. Olubukola Ogunmola: Olubukola owns Wanbuk and device, a food processing company in Lagos. They produce local foods like cornflour, nutritional spices, and varieties of paps with different spices.
  7. Ibidapo Afolabi: Ibidapo Afolabi runs a small business in the ICT industry out of Delta, named A4 Concept. A4 Concept is an ICT solutions provider that deals in the sale of Data/Airtime/WAEC Scratch Card, and Bulk SMS. A4 Concept also provides bill payment services.
  8. Jibrin Abubakar Muhamad: He owns ABDON Boutique Ventures, a fashion business with a specialty in creating a wide range of fashionable clothes and accessories for both young and old men. Abdon Boutique is located in the heart of Kano.
  9. Samuel Oladokun: Samuel aims to ensure digital inclusion at the grassroots level with his business. He offers telecommunication services under Abisope Telecoms, an ICT firm in Lagos. Abisope Telecoms offers services like bulk airtime sales, and a wide variety of other digital services.
  10. Samuel Akinwale (Afresh): Samuel Afresh owns Afresh Food Links Venture, an agro-business food services venture in Lagos, with a specialty in catfish production and processing. Afresh Foods is involved in bulk sales to businesses.

Please click here for the remainder of the startups.

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