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South Africa’s Leading Security Platform, AURA, Announces UK Launch

South Africa’s leading security response platform, AURA, has announced it will expand its footprint into the UK. AURA will offer its security response services to support and complement the UK’s response network where it aims to have 10,000 users receiving the company’s service within seven months. AURA’s technology platform enables anyone to access the closest vetted private security and medical response unit to their location, anywhere, anytime, using a connected device.

Warren Myers, CEO, AURA says that while the police and emergency services in the country are generally excellent, there are gaps AURA can address to help users of its platform be safer. “AURA’s vision is the same wherever we go: to create a world where everyone is safe. In a market where risk is increasing and a very capable police force is being stretched, we see AURA as an important part of the safety ecosystem. Our longer-term vision is to assist alarm monitoring companies with the ability to immediately dispatch vetted security personnel to verify an alarm activation via our platform.”

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Bringing with him a wealth of industry experience in taking new products to market and driving them to scale as well as sales and marketing, newly appointed UK Regional Manager, Craig Eliasov, says the innovative technology behind AURA presents an exciting opportunity to add value to the general public and make life safer, easier, and better for anyone using the platform. “I’m most looking forward to demonstrating that the human need for safety is scalable globally. AURA has a clearly defined strategy with proven success. We are moving through our B2C approach methodically in an agile way to react and adapt to learnings and data in the UK market,” he says.  

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Commenting on AURA’s move into the UK and Eliasov’s appointment, Myers says, “We are thrilled to have Eliasov at the helm of our UK operations as we provide a great value proposition in a new market where there is demand for quick, accessible and affordable on-demand security response.”

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