Ten Nigerian startups have been selected to join the iNOVO accelerator, which provides training and mentorship for startups with COVID-19 focused innovative solutions.

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub partnered with Ventures Platform and Startupbootcamp AfriTech to launch the iNOVO accelerator to support creative ed-tech, agri-tech, and e-health startups.

After receiving over 750 submissions, the top 20 teams were invited to Final Selection Days, where they pitched their ideas to some of Nigeria’s most progressive corporate partners and mentors. Here are the selected startups according to their areas of focus.


  1. Agriple provides analytics that help farmers determine the best crops to plant.
  2. Farmer First Technologies, a microloan platform that also grants farmers direct access to buyers at the best market price.
  3. Foodbank, offering loans to households and reducing the food wastage for retailers.
  4. Rural Farmers Hub, providing farmers with advisory services guided by satellite-based remote imagery.


5. Afrilearn, an AI-based mobile adaptive learning platform that grants access to high-quality educational content through SMS or USSD.

6. DigiLearns, an AI-based mobile learning tool that grants access to quality educational content via SMS or USSD.

7. Schoola, a multilingual, game-based learning solution for K-12 schools that uses AI for analytics and content creation.



8. Gleeworld Pharmacy, a telepharmacy, and medication delivery platform.

9. Pharmaserv Health Project, a software-as-a-service procurement platform that allows healthcare providers to optimise, access, and procure medical supplies seamlessly.

10. Wellvis, which offers verified medical information and telemedicine services on a pay-as-you-go or prepaid basis.

The 10 selected startups will obtain capacity building, lean startup training, mentorship, and funding over the course of the three-month programme in order to rapidly scale their products and business models.

The Startupbootcamp will offer a rich learning and networking toolset to founders across the Accelerator Squared framework, allowing them to interact directly with the Startupbootcamp AfriTech and Ventures Platform teams, committed Entrepreneurs in Residence, mentors, investors, and industry experts.

Teams would then use pilots and proof-of-concept engagements to test their solutions, then pivot and scale quickly based on their findings. At the online demo day, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to practise their pitching skills in front of a large audience of investors, business partners, and government officials.

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