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Want To Become a Tik Tok Pro? Follow These Tips

TikTok owned by ByteDance is presently one of the most popular video-sharing social networking services in the world.

TikTok has a MAUs estimated at 800 million, it was downloaded 738 million times in 2019 and has a total TikTok download of over 1.5 billion. Thus, it has become an important app in the world today. Of course, you know TikTok and you probably do not know how to use it, these tips will help.

Enable private account

If you are looking for ways to enhance privacy on TikTok, you have to enable this feature. When the private account is enabled, only approved users can follow you and watch your videos. But do note that the existing followers won’t be affected. To turn on private account, launch TikTok -> profile button at the bottom right corner -> more button at the top right corner ->privacy and safety. Now, turn on the switch for the Private Account option.

Make the most of data saver

TikTok has a data saver feature to help you manage your data consumption. But keep in mind that the videos will be of lower resolution and may also take a bit longer to load. However, when your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, the videos will switch to the higher resolution and load faster. To activate this, launch TikTok, go to the profile button at the bottom right corner, then more button at the top right corner and Data Saver. Now, turn on the switch.

Hide comments with selected keywords

With TikTok,  you filter or hide comments with some selected keywords. got it right. This feature allows you to hide comments with specified keywords on your videos. To do this, open the TikTok app on your device -> profile button at the bottom right corner -> more button at the top right corner -> privacy and safety. Now, scroll down and tap on Comment filters. Then, turn on the switch for Filter Keyword and then add the keywords.

Translate a Comment

If you come across a comment that you do not understand or can’t fathom, you can easily translate it by activating this feature. To activate this, head over to the comment which you want to translate it. Then, touch and hold on it for a few seconds and choose the Translate option in the popup. The app will quickly translate the comment in the language which you have set in the app/ on your device.

Allow only friends to react to your videos

TikTok users who only want friends to react to their videos can do this by going to their profile button at the bottom right corner -> more button at the top right corner -> privacy and safety. Under the Safety section, tap on Who can React to your videos and choose Friends.

Save your favorite TikTok videos

You can save any cool video that you like to watch later on TikTok. You simply touch and hold on it and then hit Save Video in the popup. Your video is saved!

Connect TikTok to Apple Music

Background music can go a long way in making your videos turn heads. And if you want to have the luxury of a massive music library, you should connect TikTok to Apple Music. Once the video-sharing app has been connected to the music-streaming service, you can access the huge library right from inside the app. Launch the TikTok app on your iOS device -> profile button at the bottom right corner -> more button at the top right corner -> Accessibility -> Connect to Apple Music.

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