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Centbee, a South African fintech startup, has added a new feature that allows its South African users to buy prepaid electricity, airtime, and data with BitcoinSV.

Previously, South African Centbee users were only able to top up their wallets with BitcoinSV from over 50 000 retail stores since early 2019 and from their South African bank accounts since February 2020.

However, from today, Centbee users in South Africa will now find a new ‘buy’ button in the Centbee app menu where they can purchase prepaid electricity, airtime, and data from mobile networks with BitcoinSV in just a few minutes.

Lorien Gamaroff said, “This is the reason I built the Centbee app. To make cryptocurrency useful, convenient, and accessible so that anyone with a mobile phone can use it like cash, which was always the vision.

“Now, with a way to buy everyday products and services with BitcoinSV, we’re one step closer to making BitcoinSV the everyday electronic cash that millions of people can use.”

Making BitcoinSV useful for consumers has always been a priority for Centbee and the BitcoinSV blockchain is the obvious choice for large transaction volumes at the lowest cost.

BitcoinSV developers claim that theirs is a blockchain that can scale exponentially, with these devs known for their unyielding commitment to regulatory compliance and supporting traceable and legal transactions.

The Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (SV) blockchain is said to return to the original protocol described in the Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2009 by bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and fulfills the vision for bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash.

Angus Brown commented, “As experts in payments and financial systems, we strongly believe that regulatory compliance is an essential element to building the BitcoinSV ecosystem.

“We support regulations that protect consumers and give businesses the confidence to utilise blockchain technologies. (We believe that) BitcoinSV is the only blockchain that is able to deliver this as well as fast, cheap, and exponentially scalable transactions.”

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