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How Online Service Delivery is Bringing Convenience to Nigerian Homes

Nigerians who order items online don’t do so because they cannot visit the market or offline stores, they do so for its convenience. This is one of the unique impacts online service delivery is having on Nigerian homes.

Compare this to the past when you have to brave the Lagos traffic-if you are in the centre of excellence-to go to the market, haggle about prices added to the stress of transporting your items home. Now, you can sit anywhere in the country and with your mobile phone, you can order any item that would be delivered to your home. It is easy and seamless.

Hence, it should not come as a surprise that McKinsey estimated ecommerce spending in Nigeria at $12 billion and projected it to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025. Interesting!

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While harping on the convenience online service delivery and ecommerce have introduced our lives as Nigerians, we must not forget to recognise the role played byJumia, Nigeria’s No.1 shopping destination in making Nigerians believe that they can order and perform transactions online.

How has online service delivery promoted convenience?

The salubrious thing about buying or purchasing items online is that you do not need to belabour yourself about going to a store or market. So how has online service delivery promoted convenience?

Hospitality Industry

For the hospitality industry, Jumia’s hotel and flight services has developed a solid platform for Nigerians to book their packages, flight and hotels. In fact, the platform just recently launched a flight marketplace-which is the first in Africa, to enable their teeming customers to get the best available price in the flight market. It was discovered that the flight market in Africa is basically offline. So, wherever you are in the country, Jumia has over 9,000 hotels for you to book ensuring that you are not stranded. The keyword here is the convenience. You do not need to start searching for a hotel in the middle of nowhere to book a hotel room. We all know it is risky.

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Meanwhile. you can also order food online if you are not open to cooking or visiting the restaurant. Again, Jumia’s food services got you covered. You can order food in any of your favourite restaurants and it is delivered to either your home, office or wherever you are with the speed of light.

Transport industry

When you visit a cinema or a place of interest, you see taxi drivers calling to pick them. Within minutes you stepped out, a clean-looking Toyota corolla car is parked in front of you and you majestically walk-in. The taxi-driver is filled with contempt. This is how Uber and Taxify are disrupting the transport industry.

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The convenience of using online service delivery is not only restricted to the industries highlighted above. It has had an impact on others like agriculture and health etc.

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