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The Firstmonie Agent, one of the best agent banking platforms in Nigeria is an agent banking service powered by Firstbank.

Firstmonie is aimed at bringing financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segment of the society by empowering existing businesses within the communities to deliver these services.

How to become a Firstmonie

i.) Prospective Agents must have been engaged in commercial activities for a minimum of 12 months.

ii.) Prospective Agent must have a shop (a permanent structure – either rented or owned) from which he operates from.

iii.) Prospective Agents must be willing to render financial services as defined by the bank.

iv.) Willingness to commit a minimum working capital of N50,000 (if a non-registered business) and N250,000 (if a registered business).

Identifying a Firstmonie Agent

Branding features of a Firstmonie Agent location include.

i.) Outdoor paintings in FirstBanks’ colours (Blue and Gold)

ii) Firstmonie Agent Certificate

iii) Firstmonie Agent Banner

iv) Firstmonie Agent Dangler

Available Services at a Firstmonie Agent location

i.) Open a FirstBank account

ii.) Deposit Money

iii.) Withdraw money from any Bank

iv.) Send money to any Bank

v.) Pay Bills

vi) Buy Airtime

viii) Enroll for BVN

For any inquiries on the Firstmonie Agent Network.

i.) Send a mail to

ii.) Call us on any of the following numbers: 0700FIRSTMONIE (0700-34778-66643), 01-4485500, and 0708-062-500.

Visit any FirstBank Branch

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