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Aptive Capital, a United States-based $1 million portfolio fund, has launched a program targetted at early-stage African startups with a focus on social impact within their communities.

Launched in 2020 arising from the funding gap as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Aptive Capital fund is committed to supporting, coaching, and increasing the social impact of early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators who are changing the norm and creating social impact within their society.

Early-stage startups from the following African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, and Ethiopia are encouraged to apply.


1.) A startup with an MVP or

2.) A revenue-generating startup/business with need for funds

3.) Ready to scale and deepen solution in a specific region

4.) Part of a team with at least 2 founders

5.) Seeking funding

Application process:

1.) 25 Startups and Businesses will be invited for one on one Zoom pitch to better understand your model and team fit on a rolling basis from 1st June 2020

2.) 10 Selected Startups and businesses will make it for the finals

3.) 5 selected viable Startups and businesses will receive $10,000 Investment for equity each through a virtual pitch which will happen between June 15 and 19, 2020 (would be announced).

Steps to apply;

1.) Do 30-60 seconds video introducing your startup, the problem, and the solution you are providing as well as the social impact it has on your community.

2.) Upload the video on Facebook or Twitter and tag @aptivecapital with hashtag #aptive #10kinvestment #Africa #mysolution

3.) Ensure you are following this handles @aptivecapital and @onekioskafrica @benxpeter @ajadewumi to qualify

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Digital storytelling, eLearning, Precision farming, Access to market, Access to finance, Digital payment, Supply chain management, Food delivery, Animal and crops health, Soil fertility, Logistic and transport, eCommerce, Gamification, Big data, Data analysis, Open data, Data protection, Data Security, Cybersecurity, Crowdsourcing and Building digital expertise for farmers (eSkills, eLiteracy).


Internet of things, Virtual /augmented reality, Apps programs, Monitoring GIS (Geo-Information Systems)/Mapping, Digital learning software (eLearning system, MOOC platforms, open educational resources), Big data analysis systems, 3D-printer, Database, Social media, Artificial intelligence (AI), Precision farming (chipcards, sensors, drones/ remote sensing system), SMS-services, Robotics, Blockchain, Web platforms, Controlling systems and Information-management systems (IMS)

Deadline for Application is June 10, 2020, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

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