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Opera 50

Opera, one of the world’s major browser developers has launched Opera Mini 50.

The new version of the browser comes with a fully revamped user interface for more personalized and intuitive browsing, with faster access to your favorite features.

This is the biggest upgrade Opera Mini has received in the last five years.

Opera Mini was first launched fifteen years ago.

Today, this small and powerful browser is the choice of hundreds of millions of people because it’s fully equipped with unique features, making it stand out from the rest of the mobile browsers available in digital app stores.

These features include data compression, a download manager, offline file sharing, and a built-in ad blocker.

With Opera Mini 50, we are reinforcing the connection between the users and the features that they love in multiple touch points.” said Andrzej Czarnecki, Product Manager for Opera Mini.

“We introduced new styles, themes and user experiences, to improve the access to the features users need while enjoying superior aesthetics.”

Data savings have always been important for the Opera Mini users. In Opera Mini 50, the new status bar displays a data savings widget which comes pretty handy in situations where users want to keep control of their data consumption in a glimpse.

“We know that data compression in Opera Mini is widely used among our users. Our designers have introduced the new data savings widget on the status bar, to give users detailed information about their data consumption.

“It tells them what they need to know about how much data they are saving without navigating through the settings of the browser.” said Czarnecki

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