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4 Rules to Follow to Level up Your Promotional Items

Your brand is one of the contributing factors to the success of your business. A strong brand presence makes your company stand out from the competition and helps build customer loyalty and bring in profit.

Thus, your brand and how it is conveyed in your promotional items is vital. It is crucial to apply great design and establish a message. Remember that these items, which carry the name of your company, are your physical, tangible representation in the world. 

Understand your recipients thoroughly

Before you start ordering promotional items, you must have an intimate familiarity with your recipients, whether they are customers, potential clients, employees, or even visitors.

Start by exploring your recipient’s demographic, interests, behaviors, and challenges. Afterwards, think about the purpose of your promotional items. 

Your main goal is to give something that your recipients will truly enjoy and love. There is no benefit if your promotional items will end up in the junk drawer rather than used as part of their daily routine. Taking the time to explore what is appealing to your recipients is an essential rule.

Create a unique identity and style

Consider if your branded merchandise appears as a cohesive collection or if it is well put together.

To create a brand that has an appearance of unity, similar elements must be integrated throughout your design. These elements may include your logo, colors, texture, or a combination of factors. Build a brand identity that can work seamlessly across different applications and mediums.

Aside from the product design, the product itself is a crucial part of your company’s identity and style. The items you give to people send a message about how your brand should be treated. It tells if your organization is traditional, professional, fun, or creative. The items you choose are an embodiment of your brand, so select items carefully to create a unified tone and style.

Apply consistency

Your promotional items create your brand image. How can someone remember your brand if it’s promotional items/logos change often? When you create promotional items, apply consistency in the types of items you are ordering and designing. 

Consistency doesn’t mean allowing your promotional items to get boring. Everyone may have already reached the point where the same old pens and sticky pads are just left in a closet gathering dust because they are neither interesting nor exciting anymore. To prevent this, mix things up ever so often to align with the latest trends. 

Stick to your message

Your organization has a message. How you communicate both to the outside world and in your internal system allows everyone to know who you are. In some instances, promotional items can speak louder than words. Branded promotional items such as apparel are a perfect medium to convey your company’s message.

Once again, it is not literally the words on the product but the product choice itself which can convey your message. As an example, if your organization advocates for environmental preservation, you may want to consider eco-friendly promotional items. If you are an innovative and creative type, you may opt for technologically focused products.


Do not merely blindly create and give away promotional items. Rather have a strategy and goal to make your recipients cherish your product. If you follow these proven rules, you are on your way to creating a more powerful brand that people will love. Adapt these rules to the culture and style of your company.

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