Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Plc has introduced a unique code that blocks a customer’s account and protects the account holder’s funds in the event of mobile phone, ATM Card or hardware token loss.

The code  *966*911# also ensures that the account details of customers are not compromised.

Speaking at the launch of the new *966# Eazy Banking account protection code, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Peter Amangbo stressed that the Bank has always been at the forefront of innovating products that enhance customer comfort and safety at all times.

He also pointed out that all debit transactions on an account would be prevented once the account holder dials *966*911# from any phone and follows the text prompts. Such a restriction can only be lifted when the customer visits a Zenith Bank branch in person.

The Bank MD also stressed that the *966*911# account control code is a flagship code aimed at further enhancing account security.

Before the introduction of this innovative product by Zenith Bank, account holders have lost huge sums of money that were illegally withdrawn due to their mobile phone and ATM cards being stolen.

In the coming weeks, we hope other banks will take a cue from one of Nigeria’s leading banks and introduce the same product to ensure customer accounts are more secured regardless of whether they lost their phones or not.

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