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Interview: Yange Henry Talks About His Electric Generator

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Nigeria has a huge power deficit. Despite having 23 power generating plants connected to the national grid with the capacity to generate 11,165.4 MW of electricity, the power situation is still a source of concern. For Yange Henry Terzugwe, the challenge of power in his community drove him to work with his friends to invent an electric generator he hopes will help contribute to Nigeria’s national grid. Terzugwe in this interview talks about his electric generator, challenges he has encountered and much more. Excerpts.

Can we briefly meet you?

My name is Yange Henry Terzugwe, a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Jos; with a passion for entrepreneurship. I have specific interests in Clean energy technologies and solutions.

Yange Henry

Can you tell us about your invention and what motivated you to invent an electric generator? What makes your invention unique?

As a young graduate of Computer Science, I was enthusiastic about digital solutions (software development) but the challenge of energy access within my community was a major challenge to deploying this tech solution.

Myself, Stephen and Emmanuel taught it will be nice to take advantage of the poor energy access to design a solution which will increase energy access at a reduced cost.

Hence, we designed and fabricated the Hybrid Electric Power Solution Unit; a battery-powered electric generator that generates electricity without using fossil fuel. The unit is built with a rectifier unit to recharge the batteries while running.

The unit is coupled with DC and AC motors, flywheel of fixed mass, pulleys of specific diameters, speed regulators, battery, rectifier unit, permanent magnet alternator, sound enclosure (case), and other accessories. The unit has $0 cost of daily running. 

Yange Henry


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Do you have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? How will you describe the acceptance of your Electric Generator?

We are currently prototyping and testing;  We have also engaged some prospective customers in the hospitality sector and providers of mini-grid electricity (GVE) and they are overwhelmed about the unit. 

Where do you see your business in the next 3 years?

Henergy Solution Vision Ltd (HEPSU) is aiming towards achieving 10MW of energy access using HEPSU for micro and mini-grid electricity in the next 3 years. Increasing energy access to the underserved and unserved by 2022 which is expected to raise a revenue of approximately NGN10 billion.

Yange Henry

In terms of pricing, is the electric generator affordable?

HEPSU is affordable, though the high cost of a one-time purchase is high. But compared to a solar unit, it is relatively cheap.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

There is a poor response in terms of acceptance of local innovation. Nigerians don’t trust innovation that is locally championed

Do you think your invention will play a role in solving the epileptic power situation in the country?

Fossil fuel has 100% negative effect on climate hence the need for innovation/invention to eliminate the use of fossil fuel units, especially for energy access. HEPSU is an energy access unit that does not have a negative impact on climate change

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