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Here is a List of Opera Businesses in Nigeria


Opera, a leading browser company has made a lot of inroads in Nigeria since it raised $50 million from lead investors which included Sequoia China, IDG Capital and Source Code Capital.

The money has so far been used to expand the commercial offerings of the company and ultimately achieve its aim of being a full-service business providing services in different verticals in Nigeria specifically and Africa in general.

The ‘O’ in Opera has been used as a vehicle for selling their services in Nigeria. As such, their businesses always begins with O-Opay, OTrike, OBus, OFood, OLead and OPeraNews. To this end, we highlight a list of Opera Mini businesses in Nigeria


Opay aggregates all the services Opera offers in Nigeria. It is not only a payment app for settling O-transactions but the app you need to access nearly all Opera services. With the app, users can bet, buy data/prepaid card, apply for loan and electricity among other services. The interesting thing here is that you only need to download OPay app in Google PlayStore to access services such as ORide, OTrike and others.


ORide is Opera’s motorcycle ride-hailing service that aims to transport riders to their various destinations in a quick and safe way.  ORide alongside competitors like Gokada and MaxOkada tout themselves as the best option for beating the notorious Lagos traffic and for arriving at your destination early.


Tricycle is one of the popular means of transportation in Nigeria. Hence, to cash in on this, Opera introduced OTrike, its tricycle ride-hailing service. With OTrike, riders can request tricycles or rickshaws from where their services are available and the closest tricycle will come around to pick them.


Lagos Danfo is not for the faint-hearted. It is mainly controlled and operated by roughnecks. But a bit of sanity is gradually being introduced in the Danfo business in Lagos. With the recently launched OBus from Opera and Plentywaka from Farmcrowdy, commuters can travel in peace of mind.


With OFood, you can order for food that would be delivered to you anywhere in Lagos. OFood has signed up a wide variety of restaurants offering different delicacies for you to order.


OLeads, which was recently launched; offers a unique tool to maximise SMEs’ visibility and online presence, increasing awareness about their business, and helping to increase sales. It has a user-friendly interface that allows any SME or business owner to create a mobile website from scratch in less than five minutes. The platform does not require any programming or design skills.

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