A pitch deck is a presentation of your project, aimed at convincing investors of the business potential of your startup. This presentation can be created in any convenient format and include various kinds of materials (text, images, video, infographics). Here are things your pitch deck must feature to attract investors.

The final goal

This slide is the first one, therefore, it’s main and title, its task is to hint at the goal you’ve set. It should intrigue and encourage investors to read further. It is the first slide that affects whether your contributors will be interested in your project (because if they don’t move beyond the first page, you can hardly expect significant contributions from them).

The Problem (or Dream)

Here you tell what a burning Problem (pain) is going to be solved, or what Dream is going to be embodied. In other words, this is the mission of your company.

Your solution

 You have identified the problem (dream), it’s time to describe what you are going to do to solve (embody) it.

The target audience

Of course, it’s also important to figure out who is your consumer, so the next slide should be focused on describing him (or her).

Market analysis

Be sure to characterize the market situation, so that potential investors understand what you’ll have to face and what is the ratio of supply and demand.


Probably, you are not the first one to undertake the chosen problem, you had, have and will have rivals. Describe their strengths and weaknesses.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Okay, competitors are known, but what can you do to surpass them? What is your USP?

Business strategy

Describe in detail the business strategy you’re going to use.


You’re unlikely to have started your project with a non-profit motive in mind. You’re for sure planning to earn on your startup. And investors will clearly want to find out which method of monetization you consider the most effective.

The structure of the company

Devote one of the slides to your team: describe its composition and tell what is uniting you all. Investors respect companies with loyal employees.

Financial data

Give a full description of the financial situation of your company. What financial indicators do you plan to have? What has been achieved in the last few years? If you’ve already successfully overcome any of the startup funding rounds, tell investors how the funds received have been used.

Financial strategy

Outline how much money you need to get and for what purposes. In fact, this is the logical conclusion of all the previous items. If you have skilfully described each slide, investors will know your situation in detail by this time. And if you manage to correctly convey your information, they’ll be willing to contribute to the growth of your project.

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