The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) Justice Accelerator has announced the finalists for the innovating for justice challenge 2018. The successful startups were chosen from a pool of over 400 applications from different parts of the globe.

Interestingly, countries in Africa were well represented with finalists selected from 10 nations namely: Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

The finalists qualified for the finals based on five criteria in mind impact, sustainability, scalability, uniqueness, and team. Also, HiiL had external mentors to assess applications based on feasibility, social impact, and institutional roadblocks of their justice innovations.

These finalists will attend a local pitch and training event in September.

  • Johannesburg – 4 September, Sandton Convention Centre
  • Lagos – 21 September, Landmark Centre
  • Nairobi – 21 September, iHub Nairobi
  • Kampala – 28 September, Location TBD
Here are the African finalists:

HeLawyer is a mobile app specializing in legal advice. It provides citizens, legal information and legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Kompliance  is an SME registration platform which allows SMEs to create and manage their legal documentation as well as have access to legal services at a lower cost.


Btrack Global: Btrack Global enables motorcyclists to track their motorcycles through the use of phones, to make them easily recoverable after they have been stolen.

Loyasoft LTD

Loyasoft LTD helps startups solve their legal headaches at a subsidized cost, by easily accessing qualified vetted lawyers and template documents on their platform.

Uliza Wakili LLP 

Uliza Wakili LLP provides cheap means of alternative dispute resolution to SMEs and startups.

Wakili Mkononi

Wakili Mkononi is a social enterprise, that offers legal aid services and legal networking services on a digital platform.


WasilianaHub is the first collaborative online & mobile tech-justice marketplace, building Africa’s largest Certified Professional Mediators portal for the advancement of Africa’s mediation practice. Professional help is ensured, helping to save time, money & heartache.


iCourtroom acts as a repository of wildlife crime data, tailored to do an analysis of the cases and serves as a measure of law enforcement efficacy.


In4Justice provides speedy and easily accessible settlement of small claims disputes.


FarmworkerzApp seeks to connect vetted farm-hands to potential farms for hiring anytime, anywhere to eliminate service/employment injustice and conflicts between workers and farm owners.

Legal Support LITE

Legal Support LITE (LSL) is a USSD and IVR based solution that provides free, efficient and custom made legal advice to SMEs.


Gavel is a civic tech start-up that tracks (criminal) cases, police brutality complaints, and connects the victims with free legal aid lawyers using tech.

#NoMore (

#NoMore is an app that will enable females students at Nigerian university campuses to securely report cases of sexual harassment, rape or abuse.


Viamo makes employment rights available on demand in pre-recorded audio and text, on a toll-free mobile service under the shortcode 845, supported by MTN.

Sierra Leone
Fix Solution

Fix Solution is an all-in-one digital crime records management application which serves to improve judicial service delivery through the whole justice chain.

South Africa
Epoq Legal (Pty) Ltd 

Epoq Legal (Pty) Ltd is an online (or offline) real-time legal document automation, designed for everyday people. It includes help, guidance, and examples throughout the process including multiple workflows.


Baobob is a platform which enables lawyers to create engaging video-based tutorials, to empower people to resolve many of their own legal issues.

Masenze Strategic Advisors 

Masenze Strategic Advisors provides convenient, relevant and affordable education and information with respect to awareness of basic socio-economic rights, to enable self-representation by the vulnerable and marginalised.

Buyisa Soul and Spiritual Centre

Traditional Healers in the Alexandra township convene a mediation court. The innovation is to establish a center, replicate, and provide additional access to justice.

Portable Lawyer (Pty) Ltd

Portable Lawyer (Pty) Ltd allows for easy, affordable access to more than 30 critical contracts, realtime on demand legal support, digital signatures, contract management and data protection compliant.

Nusu Hub

Jumuiya Attorney is a marketplace that enables people from low income and rural areas to hire legal professionals, all of whom are pre-screened and vetted.

Bataka Court Model

Bataka Court Model BCM is a community based informal Justice Model, that provides an alternative justice mechanism to enhance access to justice for the poor.

Tunga Innovations Ltd

Tunga Innovations Ltd is an app that informs users about their employment rights. E.g leave days both annual and maternity, overtime rates and notice before resigning or being terminated.


Yunga is a local rescue digital network for neighbours, that allows them to communicate with each other in real time in case of attack.

Via: Via is a conversational legal voice assistant, that utilizes artificial intelligence to give legal information on the go and recommends a lawyer thereafter.


The BitShelter system is an interactive system that disseminates, shares, and displays legal information including images, video, text, and audio in real time.


JusticeBot is a chatbot that provides access to legal procedures information and services, to Ugandans in needs of legal service and justice.


LegIT is a self-service platform that enables micro, small and medium enterprises to generate legal documents conveniently, efficiently and affordably in three easy steps!

Prison Officer Legal Empowerment (POLE) Model

POLE empowers prison communities and the poor with the law. It aims to be incorporated into the training curriculum of prisons.


ZG is simplifying the justice ecosystem by simulating Ugandans experience through an entertaining card & board game, that mirrors their environment and subsequently empowers them.

Muchomo Moments Ltd

Muchomo Moments Ltd uses videos to break down the law to the masses in relatable languages, through local video shacks.

Phoenix Case Management System

PhoenixCMS  is a computerised platform that enhances justice organisations’ case intake, tracking, resolution of reported cases, multisectoral coordination and data analysis.


IPassist-zw is a web-based platform that enables start-ups and SMEs to access effective and affordable intellectual property services from a pool of experts and lawyers.


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