DLM Trust, a subsidiary of DLM Capital Group is thrilled to announce the launch of DLM Single Asset Trust. The model is a variant of the Living Trust construct that allows for a groundbreaking solution for individuals or Corporations seeking to settle assets into a trust, for the benefit of themselves and their chosen beneficiaries.

The DLM Single Asset Trust guarantees that peoples’ assets are protected and managed by their intentions by operating under trust, security, and careful management. The DLM SAT offers a novel approach to trust services by fusing state-of-the-art technology with knowledgeable advice to enable people and families to manage their assets.

DLM SAT enables individuals, often called Settlors, to create a single asset trust that will serve their own and their designated beneficiaries’ purposes. The Trust Fund may be started using the Settlor’s assets/funds and then expanded with future contributions by the Settlor’s goals. Only authorised individuals, including the settlor, can access the trust because of its strong independence and confidentiality level. DLM Trust Company holds the Fund in trust and manages it for the benefit of the Settlor and designated Beneficiaries.

In a statement, MD of DLM Trust, Lola Razaaq commented on the introduction of the DLM Single Asset Trust, stating that it is a means of establishing a timeline for legacy preservation. “The DLM SAT is our newest offering, and we are thrilled to announce this important milestone for DLM Trust.” Our organisation aims to equip people and families with the necessary resources and assistance to safeguard and maintain their heritage for future generations. “Furthermore, we are transforming the concept of future planning with DLM Single Asset Trust,” she said.

DLM Trust Company Limited is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act to provide trust services to individuals, corporations, and sub-sovereign entities. As always, strategic thinking and innovation will be combined by DLM Trust Company to offer its clients best-in-class services. Since its founding, DLM Trust has worked on a variety of creative and unique transactions, including securitizations, and private and public bonds.

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