tookeez, the Moroccan fintech startup, has raised $1.5 million from Azur Innovation Fund, a public-private seed capital fund, to boost the customer loyalty experience in Africa and the MENA region.

Founded by Hicham Amadi, Wiam Elmejjad and Siham Elmejjad, the startup offers a universal digital value unit for loyalty point conversion, enabling flexible use across a wide network of retail partners. It is the first ecosystem for loyalty program aggregation, creating value for brands, merchants and customers.

Traditional loyalty programmes are often a source of frustration for consumers, who are faced with the slow accumulation of points, the difficulty of redeeming points for desired rewards, and the limited availability of rewards. 

Hicham Amadi, tookeez co-founder Zineb Slaoui, Azur Innovation Fund Siham Elmejjad, tookeez co-founder and CEO Wiam Elmejjad, tookeez co-founder Adnane Filali, President of Azur Innovation Fund

With this fundraising, tookeez plans to accelerate its expansion in Morocco, across the continent and MENA region, while continuing to invest in technical development, particularly in blockchain technology. A second African country is scheduled to open by 2026.

Siham Elmejjad, CEO of tookeez, comments: “We are humbled by the trust of our investors. This fundraising marks a crucial step in our development. Our goal is to reach 4 million active members by 2028. To make the startup a true ecosystem of economic and financial inclusion for our continent.”

Adnane Filali, President of Azur Innovation Fund, comments: “We are proud to partner with tookeez, a FinTech startup that is redefining the customer loyalty ecosystem. Our ambition is to support entrepreneurs who have a significant impact on the world, and the startup embodies this vision perfectly.”

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