Flourish Ventures, an early-stage global fintech venture capital firm, has announced the launch of a research effort titled The African Founder Well-being Survey.

In collaboration with local ecosystem partners and research partner Startup Snapshot, Flourish is surveying VC-backed founders in Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria to uncover the unique challenges African tech founders face and raise awareness and support for their needs. 

“They’re going after the impossible. Almost all venture-backed African tech founders are dealing with high-stress levels and the potential for burnout, especially given the dramatic economic downturns taking place,” said Efayomi Carr, Flourish investment principal.

“It’s time to gather primary research on what’s impacting founders most so that investors and ecosystem partners can provide better support and more resources during entrepreneurial journeys.” 

An overlooked topic for research in Africa, founder well-being plays a crucial role in business and personal success. Flourish is pioneering this crucial study with research partner Startup Snapshot to elevate the narrative around founder well-being and performance.

Input from tech entrepreneurs in Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria will bring Africa into global discussions on well-being, pave the way for better local support systems, and provide a more holistic approach to nurturing the African tech ecosystem. The African Founder Well-being Survey follows a Flourish 2023 founder survey conducted in Brazil with Endeavour, a global network of entrepreneurs. 

VC-backed founders in Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria can participate by completing this brief survey. All survey respondents will remain anonymous. Sharing experiences can shed light on the critical challenges founders face and pave the way for positive change.

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