MEST Africa, a pan-African software and entrepreneurship training program, seed fund, and incubator, has selected 45 technology startups to advance to the regional finals of the 2023 MEST Africa Challenge (MAC).

Hailing from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, and South Africa, these startups have been recognised for their potential to shape the future of technology on the continent. The grand prize at stake is a coveted $50,000 in equity investment and the prospect of a long-term partnership and ongoing support from MEST Africa.

MAC sets the stage for early-stage startups to display innovative solutions and tech-driven ventures. With a comprehensive selection process that rigorously evaluates each entry, the competition attracts the continent’s most promising tech entrepreneurs.

The startups moving forward embody a wide array of sectors — from Agritech to Fintech, SaaS, eCommerce, Digital Media, and Healthcare — showcasing the rich tapestry of African innovation.

These regional finalists were chosen for their exceptional use of technology to solve real and significant challenges within Africa’s vibrant markets. They have introduced solutions ranging from AI-driven efficiencies in agriculture to financial technology that expands access to economic resources for marginalised populations. These finalists are a testament to the ingenuity emerging from Africa’s tech ecosystems and set the stage for a compelling Regional Pitch Competition.

List of Finalists


  1. MyWagePay
  2. Snark Health Limited
  3. Urbantechforhope
  4. Pigee Inc
  5. Digital Realm Entertainment
  6. Letaji Technologies
  7. Investa Farm
  8. Tulix
  9. Circularity Space Ltd
  10. Moti Inc


  1. Edanra Limited
  2. Eazy Chain
  3. FlowersGH Ltd
  4. Tourizilla
  5. Qknow Edtech
  6. Bouquet
  7. Masters Hive Center for Innovation
  8. FarmWallet Limited
  9. Chestify AI Labs
  10. Advance Pharma Innovations


  1. Doktor Connect
  2. OneHealth
  3. Sproutly
  4. iBloov
  5. HealthGo
  6. Innovastra
  7. SmartTeller
  8. Artisan Oga
  9. Blueroom Care
  10. Konnadex Technologies

South Africa

  1. Koa Academy
  2. EsusFarm Africa
  3. BOS Technology Pty Ltd
  4. Insaaph Capital
  5. Smart Food Growing technology
  6. DeepLeaf
  7. Thola
  8. Aurora Media Group
  9. Safe Africa
  10. BioCertica


  1. SAYNA
  2. Microact
  3. Yoonema
  5. InterSIP International

As the competition advances, these startups will compete to demonstrate their potential impact to a panel of judges. The aim is to secure a place in the final pitch and gain visibility, connect with investors, and potentially receive funding to scale their impact.

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