Gozem, the African Super App, has announced its acquisition of Moneex, a Fintech app from Benin dedicated to providing global banking to African businesses and consumers.

This transaction combines the strength of the Super App network with the breadth of Moneex’s fintech capabilities, creating an unparalleled Fintech starting point for the Gozem Group.

Founded in 2021 in Beninc, Moneex was first dedicated to facilitating remittance between Europe and Benin using cryptocurrencies. But very quickly, the company pivoted in 2022 to become Moneex after identifying the bigger problem of African businesses and individuals not having access to global banking services.

From then it has also broadened its market focus on francophone West African countries and providing multi-currency accounts to businesses and individuals within that same region.

Founded in 2018, Gozem initially focused on transportation via motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and car taxis as the first ride-hailing app in Togo, but has since expanded to offer a variety of services, including delivery & logistics, in a single, multi-vertical Super App.

Thanks to Moneex’s acquisition, Gozem will broaden its fintech offerings in Togo and Benin at the start, to add in Q1 the new “Gozem Money” capabilities for a wide range of payments solutions and value-added user experience.

“We are pleased to welcome Moneex to the Gozem family, bringing talented entrepreneurs has always been extremely valuable in our ability to innovate. With great excitement, the new fintech chapter of Gozem is officially open” says Jean-Martial Moulaud, Group Director of the firm.

“We are thrilled to join Gozem, a company that shares our vision for a more inclusive and innovative financial future in Africa. Our fintech expertise and Gozem’s reach and resources will allow us to accelerate our mission of making better financial services accessible to everyone.” , says Florent Ogoutchoro, Co-Founder and CEO of Moneex.

“Expanding our financial services through the Gozem Money solution represents the next frontier in our ongoing commitment to delivering essential digital services to our users across Africa. With the addition of the Moneex Team to our ranks, we are poised to accelerate the introduction of our innovative fintech offerings to the market,” says Martial Konvi, Global Head of Product at Gozem.

With the acquisition of Moneex, Gozem furthers its commitment to offering a robust suite of Super App services that respond to the everyday needs of its customers across African markets — from transportation to meal delivery and soon payments and wallet capabilities.

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