SeekMake, a Tunisian construction technology startup, has secured $539,000 to support global expansion plans. The funding came from Lafayette Group, a European private equity firm.

With this funding, SeekMake wants to establish a base in France and Germany. These countries present valuable opportunities for collaboration with major clients and partners. Furthermore, SeekMake has established a subsidiary in Estonia as part of its expansion strategy.

Founded in 2018 by Adel Ayari, SeekMake is a digital manufacturing platform that acts as a mediator between industrial manufacturers and end users, simplifying the manufacturing process, trimming expenses, and accelerating part production within days.

SeekMake offers an array of manufacturing options, ranging from CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving. The startup prides itself on providing a wide variety of materials that prioritize durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. The startup has achieved several milestones, including amassing a user and manufacturer base of over 10,000, forming partnerships with 72 manufacturers, and venturing into 40 countries.

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